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An open letter from Nick Stone, Founder & Managing Partner, Stone Capital:

Today I'm closing Stone Capital.

I started this fund seven years ago with a simple mission: to fund and grow ventures that make the world a better place.

It was a big, audacious mission. It was a bit grandiose, but I needed a grandiose goal. I needed a challenge that would force me to dream and to push myself to give it everything I had. I've once again found that kind of challenge.

Today I'm joining The Titan Foundation. My focus won't change: I'm still looking for ventures that make the world a better place. But the scope will. At the Titan Foundation, we're looking for opportunities in every sector and every corner of the globe. I won't be limited to for-profit start-ups. Government projects, for-profit partnerships with non-profits, grass roots movements--they're all fair game. We're going to measure return on investment differently.

We're also taking a global view. We're investing heavily in technology to model our soceity, helping us understand how new technologies will shape our world. The road to catastrophe is often paved with good intentions. At The Titan Foundation, we hope to save us from ourselves by understanding the consequences of new innovations. It's incredibly important work--I've seen first hand what can happen when technology spins out of control. At this moment, somewhere, in a lab or garage, someone is creating a device powerful enough to end our society as we know it. This person isn't a cackling evil villain. They're a dreamer. They look at this device and they see the future--a changed world. What they don't fully understand is how their invention will change our world. We seek to inform them, to guide innovation. Managing the coming disruptions will determine the fate of the human race.

I invite you to join me. Visit The Titan Foundation at www.TitanFoundation.net and fill in the contact form. Or you can contact me on this site. We're looking for inquisitive minds and sharp thinkers. People who think outside the box and take chances. I look forward to hearing from you. The rewards are out there, waiting for you.

If you're a Stone Capital limited partner or portfolio company, you'll receive a separate letter detailing the fund's transition and how it impacts you.

Thanks for seven incredible years. Here's to a thousand more.

- Nick

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